11 February 2013

Solar Sunday Report Feb 10th

Solar Sunday Report February 10th,  2013
Observe The Sun Safely - Never look at the Sun without a proper filter! 
 Solar Programs are held 1st Sunday of every Month 2:00-4:00 PM at Houge Park  weather permitting

A beautiful California day provided a good crowd and fun viewing of the solar disk. Malika's projector showed the major sunspots. And Michael Swartz's dual refractor set up (Neutral density green and H-alpha - both with binoculars) simultaneously displayed the sunspot and prominences in great detail
  Photo courtesy of Jag Sonti
With the Rotation of a new spot into field of view the Sunspot Count Jumped to the 40's and solar viewers got to see the Wilson Effect - See below images.
Click Image For Larger View!
We have another Solar Observing Day this month on Feb 24th and as usual 1st Sunday March 3
Come on out. (Folks with solar setups and scopes are provided with water.)

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