21 June 2012

An Open Source Satellite You Can Operate!

Hey Amateur Astronomers & Imagers
(also DIY'ers, hackers, and in general those interested in space)

Did you know that there is now a standard (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) satellite called CubeSat that any cash deprived university or small businesses can build or buy and put into space with their own equipment or experiment? Here's a pic of one:

Picture of a typical CubeSat satellite that can be piggybacked
 on to many launch vehicles across the world (click image to enlarge)

Well now Team ArduSat shacked-up at NASA is raising funds to buy the parts, buy the launch time BUT allowing amateurs astronomers, students, the public (you!) to decide all the experiments/images the satellite will run over its time in space.

Here is a YouTube Video explaining this "open source" mission.

And here is the ArduSat Website where you can learn more about it, and become a participant, and backer. Be sure to check out the FAQ way at the bottom of the webpage. It answers a lot of questions you might have. 

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