06 May 2012

A 5 Star SJAA Weekend

Saturday SJAA had personal infrared tour of the SOFIA program with Marita Beard who was 1 of 6 teachers invited to board the flying observatory. This was also SJAA's kickoff of it's pre-meeting social equipped with coffee, cake (Happy BD Marita) and a crowed of amateur Astronomers. Saturday was also Super moon. Robert Duvall shared a pic of this Moon (below) and also a stellar image of the Sunspots visible Sunday.

Super Moon - click image to enlarge
Image by SJAA Member R. Duvall
Great Sunspot group - click image for high rez! 
Image by SJAA Member R. Duvall 

Robert Armstrong looking through Ed's tack sharp solar scope:

Robert Duvall with solar scope camera setup

Sunday was also SJAA's Auction - Lot's of people, scopes and pizza. Thanks to all for making this auction a deal of fun.
click image to enlarge

Stellar Observations!

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